Thursday, 1 May 2014

LUA Script Commands Are Go

A lot of AI work and a lot of Script work happened today, and the result of a day's grafting has resulted in some more funny and delightful moments.  Here is a snapshot of something I created in the AM, using loads of ceiling fans to create a turn-style.

What was pretty cool was that in the afternoon, I started controlling these dynamic entities in strange and wonderful ways.  First I controlled the speed of the animation based on the proximity of the player, and for even more fun I caused the fans to rise in the air when the player got too close, and fall back down to earth when the player went away.  As you might guess, I have been adding new LUA script commands to make all this possible, and because it's the LUA programming language all things like variables, arrays, IF and LOOP statements are already in and working, which means whole chunks of readable logic can be knocked up in no time!

I did however run out of time as I also have delegation and management responsibilities, which includes cleaning up the master development task list so that the most important tasks are always at the top.  My task Thursday is to finish off the movement commands so that they can deal with physics based entities as well, such as crates and barrels which roll down hills. The trick will be to get the LUA script to un-roll them back up the hill ;)


  1. My goodness these blogs are making me more and more excited about Reloaded. This is turning out to be one awesome tool.

  2. Heh! like a kid given a job in a toy store....Wonky Lees...Reloaded Factory..

  3. Where's my golden ticket?