Thursday, 22 May 2014

More Fixes, More Pictures

Want to have a look at some state of the art sound recording equipment? This is our ambient sound recording with suitable sound proofing to improve some of the sounds inside Reloaded.  Believe it or not, five pillows does pretty much the same job as a sound studio device costing thousands.  I am keen to learn what you think of our new sounds in V1.007 when it is released real soon to all pledgers.

The latest version is pretty cool now, with all sorts of little goodies like a flashing heartbeat death haze when you are low on health, better flinching of characters when you shoot them, better jump heights, improved rocks and textures, fixed terrain shader to reflect true texture assignments, and added a new detail map layer to retain the look and feel of the pre-fixed version of the shader, some more character choices (same characters but pre-assigned defense and peek logic for quicker level creation) and no longer shows the empty sky bank folders as selectable to avoid a monster crash.

We are almost ready to start on the Zombie animations and scripts next week, but here is a sneak peek if you have not read the latest Reloaded newsletter.  More information can be found there!

For right now, just waiting for one last SVN check in and then I can build, test, installer, upload and then walk and eat and chill.  Been a long week, and it's not over just yet ;)


  1. All sounds good Lee,enjoy your walk & food.

  2. Thanks.

    Yes hard work for you all lately I can see. Coming thick and fast thank you.


  3. Ah a good reason to build forts! :D

    Good looking zombies, too. That one on the right looks like he used to be a rock star before he undied.

  4. Can you give good documentation for beginners on how to animate models in reloaded. For beginners as all was missing from x9 and 10. You left a lot to guesswork. And would definitely make less congestion on forums. Maybe get one of your internal guy's to start it. As putting animated characters is a weak point in predecessors just a thought

  5. Have you read the guidelines for Artists in the Sellers section? Let me know if there is anything there that you feel is weak or missing.

  6. Dunno about the latest version, but in 1.006 the jump sound has been overbearing and obnoxious. Jumping sounds in modern FPS games are normally just the sound of all the gear moving on the players body and the sound his feet scuffing the ground. Definitely NOT any voice (i.e. "Huh!"). Just a subtle sound of gear moving on the players body, the feet sliding on the dirt, and sometimes a slight tinkle of the weapon.

    Love your pillow fort!

    Looks like Goth Zombie!