Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Final Day Of Demo Tweaks

Just about ready to release to the internal alpha testers now. We've done all the broad strokes and now it remains to find out if it holds water in a larger test. It's great fun to play but will it play good on our testers systems?

Many small tweaks but a significant one is the introduction of a whole series title screens, one for each of the major resolution sizes. This way we retain 1:1 pixel quality on the final screen. It bloats the executable final size a little, but for the quality it is worth it.

One or two illusive bugs remain hidden and almost impossible to reproduce, so I wait in hope we can produce steps to reproduce every time. Once I have that I can squash the last of them.

Really pleased with the art coming from our 2D and 3D artists at the moment, as it really adds that touch of polish to the final demo.  Can't wait to share with you more characters including the UZI Dude and the SHOTGUN Soldier, after the demo is released of course.

One final push for testing, and then a release, and then we will see what people think.  I would have liked more time to test it through the alpha testers, at least a week, but time is a ticking and I am sure you would want it sooner rather than later, and it's certainly playable enough to have fun with now.  A bit more building, testing and uploading, then I can stop for a moment and contemplate food.

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