Monday, 7 July 2014

Final Touches And More Rockets!

It's amazing how much rocket launchers and explosions can add to the fun factor of an FPS game!  We seem to have transformed the game play from a basic charge from A to B into a death dodging gauntlet of mayhem.

Right now we're just putting the final touches to a demo level which will show off the progress we have made in the last few weeks, which involves quite a bit of play-testing!  As you can imagine, it's a fun time at the moment.

Still a few mysteries to be solved like why the characters can sometimes take it upon themselves to levitate a few feet of the floor at seemingly random intervals, or the curious case of the missing checkpoint, but mostly we're just tweaking and trying to make the best game play we can in the time available.

I had to share this as well, which is an internal video showing a bug, now fixed, but it was pretty funny so wanted to put it in my blog for prosperity. We will look back on this version and laugh (oh how we laughed).


  1. Jumping jack flash,cant wait to try the new build.

  2. That "bug" would be cool in an over the top cartoony action game