Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Get Back To Work You Slacker

Got a funny video through the Reloaded grape-vine today, and felt the need to share it. I dare say we will see more of these as the project wears on, but it's amusing nonetheless.


Not sure it's complimentary, being blown up virtually, but it's probably a healthy release for the community to vent themselves at the evil that Lee does. Making people wait for features is not my primary motivation whilst coding this project, but I guess it can seem like that sometimes.

Today I took a break from V1.009 tweak work and started the task of finishing off the Zombie Pack. Now V1.008 is out the door, you have the engine that is capable of running the extra things the Zombies needed to do, so I can get these guys off the store so you can enjoy your belated purchase.

In case you forgot what they look like, here is a group shot of the characters you will be saying hello to when the pack hits the store.  If you are still a Bronze pledger, these little monsters might just be enough to get you to increase your support for the development and help us make more!

Right this very second I am just finishing off writing this blog at 2:45PM and getting the Zombies to walk at the correct speed for good foot planting, and then I can start creating names for all my Zombie friends. Thumbnails are being created for them Wednesday, and then I can hand them off for internal testing.

In other camps, the Construction Kit is getting a once-over to make sure our completion plans are going to produce some nice buildings whilst retaining ease of use, and Ravey is knee deep in Importer parts, but has reported some good progress.  All in all, a busy team, trundling merrily along!


  1. Great news all round Lee and team,many thanks.

  2. Glad to hear this news. Keep up the good work guys. Curious how will the zombies' path finding and AI behavior differ from Classic (if at all)? I'm kind of out of the loop for the past 2 updates, need to get back in the game. :)