Thursday, 10 July 2014

One More Tiny Teeny Day

We decided to do one more day of testing on the demo, and some more small tweaks, largely due to the feedback from our internal alpha testers. The demo is now better for it and hopefully we're VERY close to a download everyone can enjoy.

Above is a shot you will probably see a lot of, which is the aftermath of a direct hit with a rocket.  When you get to play the demo, learn how to dodge!

Friday is my day to tweak up some niggles in the main software. In the main it is looking good but with the focus on the demo we have some extra functionality exposed in the IDE which needs solidifying. Hopefully the demo can continue to be tested while I work on the main game creation side, and my gut feel at this stage is to release the demo but sit on the main software for a week or so in order to ensure you get the best build possible.  It will also give me time to work with the internal alpha testers on what will prove to be some considerable feedback given the feature gap between this one and the last one we released.  In a conference call earlier today, Rick calculated we have hit over 300 fixed items in the space of a few weeks, and each of them has the potential to take us a step backwards, so the word next week will be testing, testing and more testing.

Clocking at 5PM today to do a little digging while the weather is not too bad, but will probably be back later to do a few more hours testing, e.t.c. No matter how many times I play the same level over and over, I still get a kick out of the different outcomes available. It's subtle stuff, but it's also the fun stuff. It also means the demo will have a LOT of testing under it's belt!


  1. Sounds good! Looking forward to playing about with the features!

    By the way, just because you live in Wales doesn't mean you HAVE to go digging for gold ;) You can't just mean digging the garden! Or perhaps you are doing serious research into terrain deformation effects :p

  2. Lee is digging his way to Ireland!


  3. There are no super-gyms in my part of Wales so I figure digging a 50x100 meter field by hand is good exercise and is as far removed from typing at a keyboard as you can get.

  4. 50x100m field!!? If only you lived closer, you would be welcome to do my garden ;) I think Rick must be right, and you are slowly starting on a new tunnel to Ireland :)