Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Rockets and Ragdolls

It was one of those days where several discrete blocks connected together to form something greater than the sum of it's parts. With Simon on Projectiles, Ravey on Particles and Lee on the Rockets we finished, checked in the code and when connected created a very cool glimpse into what would soon be possible. I am pleased to be able to present you with a rare video to show what we have mid-development of the rockets and rag-doll's work, and one thing is for sure, this part of the development is going to be a lot of fun.

Doggy walking time in 5 minutes so I will keep the blog brief today. Plenty very small tweaks done but huge strides in terms of whole new features in the engine for particle generation, explosion creation and projectile management. We are basically rewriting the FLAK system from scratch as Simon wants to understand every bolt, and the old classic flak system was a little ungainly after seven years of abuse.

The plan for tomorrow is to touch up the visual and force effects we have now, make sure the game runs good on standard Windows 7 & 8 configurations and general house keeping, and of course continue the housekeeping of tweaks to ensure the editing and testing experience is good.

On a closing note, if you wanted to check out my latest video interview, and can look past the completely round head, here it is:


  1. Video looks great cant wait! i notice the AI change when killed like they become brighter but im sure that will be one of the tweaks ;)

  2. Will you be adding or giving options to add light to the projectile. Be good for fireballs magic missile. Molotov cocktails and scifi weapons .flaming arrows. Flaming missiles from a trebuchet. The light would be only short lived but I believe opens a world of extras. Also I am hoping that a spell set will be possible.

    Also when is the inventory system going to be added? Cheers

  3. Light from projectiles would require multiple dynamic lights and we're fully using the ones we have. We'd need a new system such as deferred lighting to allow the high-quantity light count needed for this feature. No schedule for the inventory system, we're focusing on core stuff right now. No doubt you can create a pseudo-inventory system using scripts.

  4. Lol to make an inventory through lua. I as many are completely useless at it I got a script from smallg and I have no idea where to start to integrate etc. So I am afraid I will be without till either someone sorts one or sells or waiting till done. Ease of use and all that ;) so will there be any melee happening as it I am sure as important as ragdoll I may be wrong but worth a shot :)

  5. Ooh, FINALLY we're going to have good ragdolls in FPSC!