Saturday, 18 October 2014

Android & AGKV2 - A Powerful Combination For Developers

It's the weekend, and I always like to give myself some freedom away from the 'day job' whenever possible, and today I decided to play around with a product we are due to release on Steam before the end of this year called AGK2. It's origins go back a few years now but the principal is simple, which is to allow anyone to create cross-platform applications easily and quickly.  Despite the ease with which you can create applications, it remains an extremely powerful and capable language that has been instrumental in producing chart topping apps on both Android and iOS.

This blog post was prompted by the arrival of a small box that was mailed to me, and within this package, my first quad core Android device! We have come a long way from the humble (and slow) origins of this almighty operating system and it's exciting to be part of the space that enables the next generation of Android software to thrive and flourish.

In it's brief and unassuming stint in the tools market, AGK has produced some excellent apps and also a few hits too. It's successor promises even more with it's all new IDE for Windows and Mac, significantly faster compiler and a host of new commands and features.

It is no surprise that as soon as I received this device I wanted to field test it with an AGK application and test the speed of the device. I was not disappointed, and the shader example which shows off the use of 3D rendering, ran at the full 60 fps on the Android tablet.

Rather than a protracted written description of the experience, I have committed by thoughts to video to better illustrate the new AGK and the Acer Iconia Tab 8, Quad Core Intel(r) Atom(tm) Processor 1Gb RAM, 16Gb Storage, Wi-Fi, 8 inch HD Tablet.  As AGK already supports x86 binaries, the application is able to run at native device speeds and take full advantage of the silicon.

As you can see the performance is first rate and it's exciting to know that we are now able to deploy to devices that can handle a LOT of 3D rendering, which will open the gates to a whole new wave of intense 3D experiences for portable computing.

For more information on AGK, you can visit the official website at WWW.APPGAMEKIT.COM and for news on the current developments of AGKV2 you can visit the forum thread here:

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