Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Another One Bytes The Dust

Today was officially "make the demo work nice" day, but I decided to do one last performance tweak before I started on the main purpose of the day, which was to replace all the GetParameterByName function calls with pre-searched handles for all shader constant calls. Turns out this little pearl moved by frame rate from 78fps to 90fps. Another small win for the performance camp!

My main mission was to get the lightmapping baked and working in a fast new version of The Escape demo. Of course it's never plain sailing and I am getting double-object flicker and completely black objects appearing where there should be nicely baked visuals.  Determined to stay here until a solution has been found, but with a little luck and plenty of determination, I will get there.

Big meeting day tomorrow so once the demo is up and running, going to sort out the rest of the bit tasks, clean the office a little and try to get an early night. This plan all depends on some fast work now..so I think it's time for less blog and more code!  Will report on the meeting highlights on Wednesday.


  1. great to hear you got more fps always a good thing :D picture looks funky what is that writing or? anyways have a good search and fix whatever im sure you can do it :)

  2. Me.... texture for w.....e terrain ...... goes here ..... .....

    That's what it says. It makes perfect sense!

    Is that a white laptop in the middle? Surrounded by bubbles?

    What is going on in the screenshot Lee?

  3. That's exactly right, I figured it would help Reloaded to be able to render laptops and bubbles at high speed :) It's actually the light map objects from The Escape demo before the shadows and light are calculated but after the batching.